Masternode Deployment in One Click

Deposit Coins

The first step to launching your masternode is depositing coins. From our easy to use user portal, you can deposit coins into your NodeHost account quickly and securely. Visit our Accounts page to get started with your deposit.

Launch Masternodes

One of NodeHost’s key goals is to make launching masternodes a seamless and easy process. With that in mind, we have made launching masternodes as easy as clicking a button. Visit our Masternodes page to launch your node.

Withdraw Coins

We believe that withdrawing coins should be as easy as depositing coins. For NodeHost users, it is. In the event that your withdrawal exceeds the number of coins you have not staked in collateral, you can shutdown a node right from our withdrawal modal. Visit our Accounts page anytime you need to make a withdrawal.

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The Process

Deposit Coins

The coins that you send to NodeHost will be stored in our secure wallets until you are ready to deploy your masternodes.

Deploy Masternodes

From our intuitive user portal, you can easily deploy, manage, and track your masternodes. In fact, deploying your masternodes is as easy as a single click.

Earn Rewards

From your NodeHost user portal, you will be able to track and manage your rewards. NodeHost also allows its users to instantly withdraw their coins at any time.

Our Fees

Simple. Transparent.
Fee Structure of Masternode Rewards

Coin Listings

Newest Coin

APR Coin

APR Coin



Monthly Rewards


Masternode Collateral

3000 APR